Maybe I’m the Problem, or a reflection on YA fantasy

When you think of a fantasy novel, what comes to mind? Personally, I’ve never read any of those large epic fantasies that are so emblematic of the genre. I haven’t read Lord of the Rings. I haven’t read a single Brandon Sanderson novel. I don’t even know enough about what I might expect from those… Continue reading Maybe I’m the Problem, or a reflection on YA fantasy


poetry — untitled i

hate the sin, not the sinner  a little girl says, wide eyed and worried when she says it, when she preaches it, she doesn’t know what she’s saying, doesn’t know why. hate the sin, not the sinner weekends spent wrapped around a girl, cuddling and kissing and calling it friendship, sunday morning she leaves, walks… Continue reading poetry — untitled i

I Don’t Care About What You Thought About Social Media in 2016

Spoiler warning. I talk about the entire plot of Killer Content by Kiley Roache. I also talk about suicide and harassment. When it comes to internet trends, I've never really been that in touch. I didn't get TikTok until around October 2021, purposely avoiding that timesink as long as I could until I started working… Continue reading I Don’t Care About What You Thought About Social Media in 2016

shipping was a mistake

CONTENT WARNING: discussions of homophobia & anti-Blackness When I was in elementary school, at some small local Catholic school, one of my best friends and I were in love. We were young, so young, and the feelings are hazy now, lost in the way most of my childhood memories are. But I remember kissing her.… Continue reading shipping was a mistake

We Were Never Here, or a distilation of what i don’t like in thrillers

We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz is a 2021 thriller and the author's 3rd novel. I read her first book back in 2019, read that similar tale about toxic friendship between women, and it in fact made it to my worst books of 2019 list, not that that said list ever made it onto… Continue reading We Were Never Here, or a distilation of what i don’t like in thrillers

#Goodreadance2021 Plans

Created by Shealea from Shut Up, Shealea, the Goodreadance challenge is, well, spring cleaning in September as she puts it (though this does run until the end of November). It is centered a lot around goodreads but since I don't use goodreads (check out my storygraph profile) so I'm just going to just be using… Continue reading #Goodreadance2021 Plans

muddying the water, or Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater

Mister Impossible is the sixth book set in the universe built in the the Raven Cycle. It as a universe that is well-loved, and it follows one of the most beloved characters from the original series—Ronan Lynch. And it was a massive disappointment, at least for me. This review will contain spoilers for the entirety… Continue reading muddying the water, or Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater

review // the hollow places by t. kingfisher

I received a e-arc of this book from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Any links to purchase the book included in this review will be affiliate that will earn me a commission if you use them to purchase the book. This review contains spoilers, probably, because I have no idea… Continue reading review // the hollow places by t. kingfisher

a white lesbian’s take on monstrosity

I read Women and Other Monsters by Jess Zimmerman recently. My decision to pick it up was simple—I have always been, to some extent, intrigued by the specter of monsters. Monsters are, for all extents and purposes, creatures that are rejected and ridiculed by society. They are the ultimate outsiders. And as a child, I… Continue reading a white lesbian’s take on monstrosity

catharsis, or why i read A.S. King

I was in eighth grade when I first heard the word catharsis. 8th grade was my first year at a new school, the third one I'd been to, and my first at public school—a place assured to be a den of sin and lies by my father and torturous bullying by mother. I wouldn't have… Continue reading catharsis, or why i read A.S. King