jan. wrap up // Avengers Reading Challenge

Hosted by theWordN3rd, thorwantsanotherletter, the Other Christine that Reads, and Coffee Books and Bullet Journals, the Avengers Reading Challenge is a year long reading challenge focused on reading books that fit the Avengers-Inspired prompts in order to recruit them to your team. I’m just going to jump right into it!

Boards I Completed

The only board I completed this month as was Captain America’s, and to be honest, as you can see, I relied a lot on the reward I got from the Red Skull battle to do so.

Steve’s board had a few prompts I knew I wasn’t ever going to read on my own—namely a prompt to read a book set in the 20th century and one to read a nonfiction about war or otherwise relevant to the era, which, yeah not happening.

Boards I Made Progress On

Onto the boards I made progress on, I finished 6/8 of the Nick Fury prompts. (I forgot to add the Lady Upstairs cover to the thriller spot but it is, in fact a thriller.) And the only prompts I still need covered are a visually impaired character and a cat on the cover. Let me know if you have any recs for either prompts (or any of my remaining prompts tbh), in the comment down below.

When it comes to Natasha’s board, I also completed 6/8 of the prompts. This time I used the last eliminated prompt I had from the Red Skull Battle to eliminate the prompt about reading a book with an assassin main character (assassin stories are boring I’m very sorry) and I used Steve’s power to add Willa & Hesper to cover the set in eastern Europe prompt (the book is set in Germany, Georgia, and NYC).

Given how much of a Hawkeye fan I am (though, not of Clint Barton and certainly not MCU Clint. I worship at the alter of Kate Bishop.), it is a bit disappointing how few books I read for this board. Is this where I admit I haven’t been picking up books with this reading challenge in mind? Yes. Yes it is. I covered half of the prompts with 3 books. And I don’t think this would be too hard for me to complete. I would feel bad about it but I could pick up any of my Hawkeye comics and knock the rest of them out.

Lastly, I made a decent amount of progress on Thor’s board. I have 1 prompt left to read, and I am pretty sure I’ll have that prompt completed tonight if all goes well.


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