I Don’t Care About What You Thought About Social Media in 2016

Spoiler warning. I talk about the entire plot of Killer Content by Kiley Roache. I also talk about suicide and harassment. When it comes to internet trends, I've never really been that in touch. I didn't get TikTok until around October 2021, purposely avoiding that timesink as long as I could until I started working… Continue reading I Don’t Care About What You Thought About Social Media in 2016


a white lesbian’s take on monstrosity

I read Women and Other Monsters by Jess Zimmerman recently. My decision to pick it up was simple—I have always been, to some extent, intrigued by the specter of monsters. Monsters are, for all extents and purposes, creatures that are rejected and ridiculed by society. They are the ultimate outsiders. And as a child, I… Continue reading a white lesbian’s take on monstrosity

catharsis, or why i read A.S. King

I was in eighth grade when I first heard the word catharsis. 8th grade was my first year at a new school, the third one I'd been to, and my first at public school—a place assured to be a den of sin and lies by my father and torturous bullying by mother. I wouldn't have… Continue reading catharsis, or why i read A.S. King

Capitalism is a Surrealist Nightmare, or the Space Between Worlds

[a transcript of a video i need to refilm but I still want y'all to know my many many thoughts] intro “Why have I survived? Because I am a creature more devious than all the other mes put together. Because I saw myself bleeding out and instead of checking for a pulse, I began collecting… Continue reading Capitalism is a Surrealist Nightmare, or the Space Between Worlds

Rereading, or Why I Come Back to Certain Books

https://youtu.be/JJpvEPEZi50 why do I reread books by mynameismarines (10/9/20) Mynameismarines talks about rereading books a lot on her channel. Her most recent video on the subject came out early October, and it is what inspired me to start interrogating my (re)reading habits more in depth. I highly suggest checking it out if stuff like this… Continue reading Rereading, or Why I Come Back to Certain Books

Reading Thrillers, a Reflection

When I first got back into reading I made a few rules for myself. It was the summer of 2018, and the book that got me back into reading (there had been a couple of books I read for fun over that time period. Two, I think: We Are Okay by Nina Lacour and Aristotle… Continue reading Reading Thrillers, a Reflection