Review Policy

Accepted Formats

I will accept print, e-books, and audiobooks for the purpose of review but physical copies are preferred, followed by audiobooks. E-books are accepted but the least preferred due to some issues I have with the format. Finished copies and galleys are both accepted.


Books from all publishers are accepted, including indie publishers and self-published books.

Country of Living

United States; Pennsylvania specifically


Depending on the format of the book, it can take me anywhere from a few days to two weeks to finish a book. It can also depend on the time of the year. I am a full-time college student pursuing a major in biology. That means that during the fall semester (last week of August until the first week of December) and the spring semester (last week of January to first week of May) I read a lot less novels and a lot more scientific journals.


Reviews will be on this blog or on my youtube channel

Genres I’ll Read

  • Contemporaries with sci-fi or fantasy elements
  • Fantasy (most subgenres)
  • Sci-fi (most subgenres)
  • Horror
  • Thrillers 
  • Books with sapphic main characters, especially lesbian main characters
  • Adult or YA books

Genres I Won’t Read

  • Romance books – I will review these but you might not want me to. Romance is a genre I am still getting into but I am having trouble finding my footing in.
  • YA contemporaries – Unless it is hard-hitting or focused on sapphic and/or lesbian characters, I do not review YA contemporaries. 
  • Historical fiction
  • Fantasy with a historical setting
  • Grim dark books


If you want to dictate what I say (i.e. an ad read) or when I post something, I require both a contract and monetary compensation. Rates will be discussed via email.