reading plans // What I’m Doing for the Sapphic Reading Challenge

Bestselling f/f romance author Jae created a massive reading challenge for 2021. It has 50 prompts, 12 bonus prompts. and a number of badges and levels you can achieve. I won’t get into it all now but I suggest going over to her post and getting all the details ( link ). I am going to take a guess and say that, since you are on my blog where I have almost exclusively talked about sapphic books, that you are least passably away of my passion for sapphic books. Taking part in this reading challenge is not only something that isn’t going to take much extra effort on my end but will also give me the chance to shout about sapphic books more.

My plans for the reading challenge are simple:

Read at least four books that fit the prompts a month.

I want to get through at least the 50 basic prompts. To do that, I’ll need to read 4 books a month or 1 a week which isn’t too daunting to me at least. That pretty much lines up with my sapphic book reading habits last year.

Of course, I want to read more than that. I would love to get the Unicorn badge and the level 2 Dragon badge, which means I would need to read 2 books for the basic prompts and 1 book for the 10 of the 12 harder prompts, That comes out to 110 books. So that’s just over 2 books a week and 8.5 (ish. I don’t actually remember my math.) a month. Which. More daunting for sure.

Only reread books if I cannot think of another book to fit a prompt.

Each book can only count for one prompt so I cannot double up in the past but I can reread any of the other sapphic books I first read in 2020 and earlier so that’s fun. However, I want to only reread books when I absolutely have to. It is important to me to read as many sapphic books as possible, always. I want to be able to recommend a sapphic book to anyone no matter what their reading tastes are. So because of that, unless I am absolutely stumped, I will be picking up a book I haven’t read before.

One vlog a month focused on reading books for the challenge.

For all of 2021, I’ll be doing 1 vlog for this challenge a month. It might be a month-long vlog or it might be a week-long vlog. And it might not include every sapphic book I read (especially if I am reading them for other things) for the challenge but there will be a vlog dedicated to the challenge in the very least to make sure I am keeping up with everything.

One wrap up a month for the challenge posted here.

I don’t really do monthly reading wrap ups. I read a lot of books a month and going over every book I read is a lot. I would… rather not… have to so all that. But I do think that smaller wrap ups, wrap ups dedicated to the things that I read for this reading challenge specifically, could be fun. I also think it would be a good way to track my progress independent of the vlogs.

If you are going to be taking part in the challenge let me know in the comments! I might have some recs to shove at you.


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